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Get Out There

Follow your instincts, learn to survive outside and live a life full of adventure!

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Don't ever kill the child in you.

Go outside, play and explore the world

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It just takes your mind to take the bold step. Come join us for an unforgettable learning experience.

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Why do any of this?

Our vision is to encourage people to give up sedentary lifestyle and introduce them to a new, healthier style of living.

Due to advancement in technology, most jobs are becoming desk jobs and people hardly get to move from their chairs. And we feel this is a very harmful thing. Once you get hooked to the lifestyle of being in one place and getting a constant pay check, you get so used to it that you can never leave it. Your back becomes weak, you lose all your creativity and you never end up chasing your dream.

Once you travel and experience the outdoor life, your mind opens up. You tend to think about business ideas and innovative ways of earning money just so that you can be free and do this all the time. You'll realise that job security is overrated.

Adventure also makes you appreciate the simple things in life. Like a hot cup of tea after an intense, cold expedition or a hot water bath after many days of being outside. It makes you a more humble person, less money crazy and definitely more happy.

At life is outdoors we aim to give you these unique experiences and open new doors in your life.


 What you do everyday defines who you are 

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