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7 to 10 days trip to Ladakh


Want an awesome and memorable trip to the mountains? Travel to Ladakh. Period. The views will leave you absolutely astounded. This place is like no other. Apart from seeing places and experiencing the Ladakhi culture you can you also spend time getting involved inĀ adventure activities mentioned below. Whether it’s a group of friends or family. Ladakh is sure to leave you completely satisfied. You’ll not want to go back home!


Acclimatisation – 1 day.

Because Ladakh is at a high altitude it’s important for visitors to rest for one day before making any plans. You can spend the day strolling through the beautiful Leh market, visiting restaurants, monasteries and other places of interest.

Visit Pangong/Tsomoriri – 2 days each

Pangong is a more well known lake because of the movie 3 idiots but tsomoriri is also worth seeing. Visiting one of these lakes is a must for any traveller going to Ladakh. You can stay close to the shores of the lake in the the best accommodation that we will arrange for you.


Visit Khardungla enroute Nubra Valley – 2 days

Khradungla is said to be one of the highest motorable roads in the world. Definitely worth a visit. You can choose to go by taxi or if you’re the adventurous types you can ride a bullet to the top. You’ll get to see Leh on one side of the mountain and K2 ranges on the other side. There’s also an option to cycle down back to Leh if you aren’t interested in visiting Nubra Valley.



Nubra is a high altitude cold desert with rare precipitation and scant vegetation except along river beds. It is popular for it’s sand dunes and camel safari. You can stay in a hotel with a wonderful view of the mountains,a stream flowing through it and having apricot and apple trees to pluck fruits from.


Rafting in Zanskar – 1 Day

There are 3 sections you can do in the day rafting trip.

7km section – You can take your family on the this section. It doesn’t have any major rapids and will be enjoyable for people from all age groups. You will spend 1 hour in the Zanskar River and go through some scenic locations.

14km section – This section has 2 class 3 rapids. Great fun for people looking for adventure. You will spend about 2 hours on the river.

28km section – This section is for the adrenaline junkies. Has a lot of rapids. You’ll constantly be on your toes and we can guarantee you one hell of an experience!


Outdoor skills gained

  • White water rafting basics
  • River reading
  • Mixing and spending time with locals.
  • Riding a motorcycle in the mountains
  • How to connect with people without wifi


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