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Basic kayaking course and expedition


Do the Basic kayaking course and go on a 2 or 3 day expedition in the Indus river to refine your skills and have one hell of a time spending time along in and outside the river. You will kayak during the day and camp at night in tents under the clear, star lit skies of Ladakh.

Leave the food, accommodation, safety and equipment for us to handle and you can concentrate on having a great time paddling the Indus and refining your kayaking skills.


The course will span 7 days. If you wish to do the 4 day course see Basic kayaking course.

Day 01

Get introduced to kayaking equipment and learn basic strokes and balance.

Day 02

Learn to  ferry across the river, improve your strokes and get introduced to the Eskimo roll.

Day 03

Go on a river run, learn about reading the river, catching eddies , advanced strokes and improve on skills learned on previous days.

Day 04

End the course with more learning on a river run in class II and class II+ rapids.

Day 5,6,7

End the course with an exciting kayaking expedition on the river Indus along with camping by the river.

Outdoor skills gained

  • White water kayaking basics
  • River reading
  • Scouting rapids
  • Rescue techniques
  • Expedition behaviour and planning


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