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Chadar Frozen River Trek


The Chadar Trek is a route connecting Chilling(Close to Leh) and villages in Zanskar Valley. It is the only way to travel to this villages during the winter. The trek is over the frozen Zanskar river and has been used for centuries for trade and transportation.

The hike takes more than a week and you will camp in caves at night along with a bon fire to keep you warm.

The Chadar Trek is famous world wide and is considered to be one of the most unique and extraordinary treks


Day 1
Arrival in Leh and complete rest for acclimatization.

Day 2
Local sightseeing Shey, Thiksey & Hemis.

Day 3
Travel from Leh to Chlling. Start the trek from Tilat Dho to Shingra Gongma. ( 4 hours Trek)

Day 4
Shingra Gongma to Deep Yokma ( 4 hours trek & elevation)

Day 5
Deep Yokma to Nyeraks Pulu ( 5 hours trek)

Day 6
Nyeraks Pulu to Deep Yokma ( 5 hours trek)

Day 7
Deep Yokma to Tilat Dho ( 5 hours trek ) and than drive back to Leh.

Day 8
Depart from Leh to New Delhi

Cost for 4 peopleRs. 49,000/head
Cost for 6 plus peopleRs. 45,000/head

Things you’ll have to carry:

Shoes till knee size – 1 pair.
Ice trek crampon ( A crampon which helps while walking on Ice) – 2 pairs.
Walking Stick – 1 pair.
Special Socks – 6 pairs.
Monkey Cap – 2
Googles – 1 pair
Gloves with innner – 2 pairs
Feather Jackets – 1
Warm under garments – 3 Pair
Water bottle with Climate protection – 1
Bag pack 35 Litres – 1
Small first aid box – 1

Trip cost includes:

Sleeping Bag
Great Food
Guides & Helpers

Outdoor skills gained

  • Hard trekking
  • Backpacking



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