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White water rafting, kayaking and farmhouse stay – Coorg


On the long weekend of October 2nd 2015, we also plan to include white water kayaking lessons for 1 day if interested. Read more about kayaking here.

Instead of blowing your money on getting wasted at an over priced outlet in the city, this weekend you can choose to do something different. Give your body the adrenaline and excitement it needs. Our guides will take you rafting in one of the most beautiful places to raft in Karnataka – The Barapole river, Coorg. The rapids are good class 2 and 3. The river is safe and enjoyable. With the top class floatation device┬áthat we’ll provide you can also spend time swimming in the river. You will be provided accommodation at one of the local farms on both the days.

Overall, we guarantee a great enjoyable weekend. We warn you, you may not want to go back to work on Monday.


After rafting on day one, you can choose to go around coorg and visit places around. At night you can relax by a bon fire, have some barbecue, sing/dance with friends and have a great time after a day full of adventure. The homestay will also provide home made wine and local delicacies if requested.

The next day you can do a small trek, walk around in peaceful green gullies or visit a waterfall and rejuvenate in the midst of nature.

Outdoor skills gained

  • River rafting
  • River reading
  • How to read rapids
  • Zipline
  • River crossing


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